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Over 15 years of advanced technical software usage including technical drawing, 3D modeling and animation, software development and various business systems. 10+ years of object-oriented programming. Proficient understanding of web application development and delivery. Excellent project management and organizational skills. Goal oriented and entrepreneurial with desire to learn and grow.


04/2022-Current | Temple Logic | (Manchester, NH) | Software Engineer

  • Build, test, and maintain cloud-based business applications in ASP.NET, SQL, and Angular.
  • Build tools for an automated and proactive support model.
  • Develop refine, and tune integrations between systems.

05/2011-Current | ericrohler.com (Boston, MA) | .NET Developer and Blogger

  • Design, develop and implement web applications on Microsoft Azure using open source web technologies.
  • Full stack ASP.NET web development using C#, Entity Framework HTML5, TypeScript and CSS.
  • Write about any open source software contributions, successes/failures in web development and tips and tricks.

01/2020-03/2022 | Progress Software Corporation (Burlington, MA) | Senior Technical Support Engineer

  • Provided technical support to .NET developers for the Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, UI for Blazor and Reporting products.
  • Built reproductions and demos that aid in solving technical issues.
  • Answered technical questions over the phone or through tickets and public forums.
  • Loggged bugs and feature request in public feedback portal.
  • Reviewed and update product documentation as needed.
  • Createed digital content to provide additional technical guidance for developers and customers.

01/2019-12/2019 | Progress Software Corporation (Waltham, MA) | Technical Support Engineer II

  • Implemented Fiddler Everywhere Composer Request Header/Parameter editor using Angular 2+, TypeScript and Redux.
  • Provided technical support to developers for the ASP.NET AJAX, Fiddler and Reporting products.
  • Built samples and demos that aid in solving technical issues.
  • Answered technical questions over the phone and public forums.

11/2017-02/2019 | Meetcaregivers, Inc. (Newton, MA) | Lead Engineer and Bookkeeper

  • Implemented build and release pipeline across all development projects using git, Azure DevOps Azure Web Apps and Azure SQL.
  • Managed Windows, Linux and macOS Build Agents with Azure DevOps.
  • Improved content management and delivery strategy using WordPress, Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Documented processes and systems for support in Markdown using Jekyll Static Site Generator and GitHub.
  • Assisted with accounting and bookkeeping duties in Quickbooks Online.
  • Administered Office 365, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online, Teams and Exchange.

06/2015 - 11/2017 | Meetcaregivers, Inc. (Newton, MA) | Freelance ASP.NET Developer

  • Migrated web application and database from PHP/MySQL to ASP.NET MVC and WebApi/SQL with continuous delivery using Azure Web Apps for faster development cycles.
  • Implemented responsive design with Azure Media Services that delivered via content delivery network for improved performance.
  • Remodeled database with table-per-type inheritance using Entity Framework code first which improved search result capability.
  • Optimized search functionality using Azure Search that improved search results allowing end-users to query by city, state and zip code.
  • Customized ASP.NET Identity 2 for business requirements to allow authentication of multiple user types.

10/2013-04/2014 | Best Doctors (Boston, MA) | Release Engineer

  • Drafted and published company wide release management standards to circumvent rogue development and release processes.
  • Enabled one-click publish from Visual Studio to development IIS web server which improved development process by allowing developers to continue coding during QA cycle.
  • Deployed continuous delivery pipeline with optimized branching and merging strategy which allowed QA to continue their regression testing immediately following bug fixes found during QA cycle.
  • Influenced QA, Development, Project and Business Managers on optimizing the release cycles.

12/2010-10/2013 | JP Morgan & Chase (Boston, MA) | Developer Analyst

  • Managed deployment of Prodiance compliance software across Boston Region for 600+ end-users.
  • Trained end-users to understand and operate within compliance policies set globally.
  • Built end-user tools in Excel and Access for multiple teams to improve business processes.
  • Implemented stored procedures for querying data in Access using SQL.
  • Coded and maintained class libraries for use in future applications.

05/2008-07/2010 | Oliver Wyman (Boston, MA) | Payables & Billings Coodinator

  • Reviewed and interpreted contracts and proposals for invoicing fee schedules and milestones.
  • Coordinated with partners on revenue and budgeting for projects.
  • Designed and distributed timesheet instructions communication firm-wide.
  • Processed consultant expense reconciliations on weekly basis.

08/2006-08/2007 | Backstage Bar & Grill (Wichita, KS) | Accountant/Bookkeeper

  • Entered financial data in accounting system and reconciled accounts at period end.
  • Implemented new accounting processes to adapt to growth of business.
  • Assessed and organized existing accounting functions.

01/2004-10/2005 | Riverside Mobile Home Park (Wichita, KS) | Bookkeeper

  • Entered and processed accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices and forms.
  • Audited accounts receivable, accounts payable, notes receivable, and other accounts for errors and balanced general ledger accounts.
  • Processed accounts through Trial-Balance with journal entries and work papers.
  • Created subsidiary ledger for homes in inventory to balance general ledger and costs accrued.
  • Forecasted and prepared statement of cash flow for notes receivable.


  • 05/2007 | Wichita State University (Wichita, KS) | Bachelors of Business Administration majoring in Management and minoring in Accounting

Technologies Used

  • Languages: C++; C#; PHP; ActionScript; VBA; Bash; PowerShell; SQL; TypeScript; JavaScript; HTML; CSS; Sass; Less;
  • JavaScript Frameworks: Angular; KnockoutJS; jQuery; Gulp; Grunt; NPM; Webpack;
  • Web Frameworks: Node.js; ASP.NET; ASP.NET Core;
  • Web Servers: IIS; Nginx; Apache;
  • Databases: SQL Server; MySQL; PostgreSQL;
  • ORMs: Entity Framework; Entity Framework Core;
  • UI Frameworks: Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik UI for Blazor
  • Operating Systems: Windows; Linux; macOS;
  • Source Control: Git; TFVC; Gitea
  • SDLC Methodologies: Agile; Scrum; Waterfall; CI/CD;
  • Cloud Platforms: Microsoft Azure; AWS; DigitalOcean; SkySilk;
  • Cloud Services: Virtual Machines; Docker; Web Apps; Serverless Functions; Storage; Video Streaming; Search; (OAuth) Authentication;
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress; SharePoint; Orchard; HubSpot;
  • Debugging Software: Fiddler; Fiddler Everywhere; Postman;
  • Graphics Software: GIMP; Adobe Photoshop; Inkscape; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe InDesign;
  • Office Software: LibreOffice; Microsoft Office; Office 365; G-Suite;

Professional Writings