I started this blog to defy the stereotype that designers can’t develop and developers can’t design.  From time to time, I will be recording videos on digital art and web development and posting them to my YouTube account for training purposes. Mostly, I will be doing experiments in digital art and web development. However, I may also post topics regarding specific products I endorse.

I fell into digital art and web development by accident. I moved to Boston in 2007 for grad school in search of a career that offered more creative expression. After studying architecture and design, I learned that I enjoyed graphic design and 3D modeling. It offered the right mix of creative expression I was looking for. After I started to create some real work in 2009, I started building websites when Flash/AS3 was cool. I did this just to build a portfolio site to showcase my 3D Modeling and CAD skills. This development experience launched my professional development career. Since then I have gained professional experience in project management, agile software delivery and object oriented programming. In short, I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me an exceptional freelancer for people like you.

Digital Art

You can find my 3D modeling and design work at design.ericrohler.com. During grad school, I started modeling on 3DS Max, AutoCAD and Revit but moved to Maya, MudBox and Blender.

Web Development

I use ASP.NET on the server side and TypeScript on the front end. I also host everything on Microsoft Azure.


I find most of my free time is consumed spending time with my daughter but when I can I am a big gamer. I would consider myself an enthusiast in fitness, sailing and mountain biking.