Web Development - Linux - Digital Freedom


Where to Learn


  • Desktop Workstation:
    • Custom Built PC:
      • Fedora 28
      • AMD FX-8370 8-core CPU
      • AMD Radeon R9 380 GPU
      • 32GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Mobile Workstation:
    • Desll XPS 9370
      • Fedora 28
      • i7-8550U
      • 16GB or RAM


  • Apple Build Server:
    • Mac-mini running MacOS (latest, whatever that is)
  • Plex Server:
    • Ubuntu
    • Striped down HP Slimline I also added 2 additional NICs to this machine so I can run VM’s and eventually a pfSense router for my home network.


  • Cell Phone:

    • Alcatel iDOL4S with Windows 10 Creators Update — I don’t care what anyone says. The windows 10 OS is far more integrated than Android/Chrome and iOS/MacOS.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8+ - the Android OS is still worthless but I wanted something that worked with the Garmin vivoactiveHR (see below). Furthermore, I am looking forward to getting a new phone without any Google or Microsoft dependencies. See Here
  • Activity/Fitness Tracker:

    • Microsoft Band 2
    • Garmin vivoactiveHR - let’s face it, the MS Band 2’s wrist strap was horrrrible. So, I picked this up instead.

Current Dev Tools

  • Most used operating system: ~Windows 10 with Windows Subsystem for Linux enabled – Ya, I’m OS-idexterous, thank you Microsoft!~ Fedora
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2017 when I am using Windows
  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Command line: Whatever is native. I am not picky, yet.
  • Most used source code versioning: GIT with Visual Studio Team Services

Programming Languages

  • Most used paradigm: Object Oriented Programming
  • Least desirable paradigm: Functional Programming.
  • First language: Tie between Action Script 3 and Visual Basic for Applications
  • Most desirable language: C++
  • Most used language: C#
  • Least desirable language: JavaScript, although, TypeScript is a great improvement.


  • First framework: .NET 4.0
  • Most desirable framework: .NET Core
  • Most used framework: .NET 4.6.x
  • Least desirable framework: Not sure, have only used .NET. I am looking forward to learning something new.

Web Frameworks

  • First web framework: ASP.NET 4.0
  • Most desirable web framework: ASP.NET Core
  • Most used web framework: ASP.NET 4.6.x
  • Least desirable web framework: Not sure. I have only used ASP.NET. I am looking forward to learning something new.