Let’s Build Some Productivity Tools in Hack Productivity 3


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I use Office 365 for business and personal use. This is because I live by the notion to run my life as if it were a business and am a big proponent of efficiency and productivity. Some tools that I have used are short-term and long-term goal sheets and daily to-do lists. I mainly type out my goals in a word document then create a weekly schedule using excel and hand type a daily to do list. I have done this since my freshman year in college. It has worked.

However nowadays, there are new tools at my disposal that I could be using and many of these are available with Office 365 Business Premium. These tools are, To-Do, Teams, Planner and Bookings. These include everything any person or team needs to be productive. Unsurprisingly, there is no such thing as a perfect solution which brings me to the purpose of this post. I am taking part in the Office 365 Hack Productivity Hackathon. The purpose of the hackathon is to build upon the incredible productivity tools available in Office 365. This is not limited to the tools that I previously mentioned. The submissions can be integration’s, new apps or office add-ins, etc. It looks to be a great opportunity for anyone interested in building office tools. I am looking forward to exploring some of my ideas of how to improve a few tools through workflow integration and application.

Learn More

If this interests you, I highly recommend following this link. In addition to the information provided at the link, there is a Office 365 Developer Bootcamp where you can get your hands dirty developing and learning. Follow the link to find where these events are found. For the record, I took part in the first annual Global Azure Bootcamp in 2013 and it was incredibly rewarding.


I learn by doing as I am sure many developers and designers do. Participating in this hackathon is a great way to learn by doing. You can also win cool prizes which include cash, a Surface Book and SWAG! Interested in teaming up? Find me on the devpost link and I will be happy to share ideas and see what we can build.

Shameless Plug

If you are a business owner and you want to operate more efficiently I can get you setup with Office 365 just follow this link for a trial and my dedicated support which includes setup and configuration. Additionally, I will train your users how to be more productive in Office 365.