Daily Development Feed 20170505


Apple Development

Apple Offers New Tools for iOS Application Developers

Mobile app developers hoping to gain a little more insight into how users discover their apps are in for some good news. Apple announced yesterday …
–CIO Today


ASP.Net MVC Ajax.BeginForm: Show Loading (Progress) GIF Image on Form Submit (Post)

In this article I will explain with an example, how to show (display) Loading (Progress) GIF Image when the Form …

Azure Development

Dell EMC Reveals Hybrid Cloud Platform Running Azure Stack

The development of its Azure Stack appliances are now based on EMC’s approach to hybrid could hardware, said Kevin Gray, Dell EMC’s director …
–Redmond magazine

1400 compatibility level in Azure Analysis Services

This enables: Support for additional data sources, such as Azure Blob storage. Data transformation and … Transaction-performance improvements for …

EPLAN announces migration of Eplan Data Portal to Microsoft Azure Platform

In future, the world of possibilities available through Azure services and the platform as a whole will be captured in full …

Google Development

History of Google I/O: Where Successes and Failures Debuted

Google I/O kicked off for the very first time on May 28th, 2008, and for those wondering what the “I/O” stands for, it actually is pretty …
–Android Headlines

Google updates Android Beta Program website to reflect imminent launch of Android O beta

Now that Android O’s developer preview has been available for a few months, we’ve been waiting for Google to …

Google Ends Android Nougat Beta Program, Android O To Start Soon

With Android O developer preview being available for a few months, Google is finally getting ready to launch the public beta program …

Microsoft Development

Microsoft Research is Developing Machine Reading AI That Asks and Answers Questions

A joint project between Microsoft Researchers in Asia and recently-acquired Maluuba is developing machine learning …