Daily Development Feed 20170504


Apple Development

Apple Opens up App Store Referral Data to Developers

Apple announced Wednesday that developers would have access to App Store Sources and Referral Data. In more direct terms, Apple is making it easier …
–Mac Observer

Azure Development

How to Deploy Azure Functions

Azure Functions comes with its own Command Line Interface (CLI) which is available to install via “npm.” This CLI is very handy for local development of Azure Functions …

Azure Data Lake Analytics Holds a Unique Spot in the Modern Data Architecture

Azure Data Lake is an ever-evolving set of technologies that … U-SQL, when paired with Visual Studio as a development …

Datadog Adds Support for Microsoft Azure Storage

Datadog is available in the Azure portal for easy one-click deployment and now supports … These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data …
–Business Wire

IoT Developer Survey: My 2 Cents One Year Later

In this area, we should have a distinction because the question is pretty general, but we know that you can use Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure for IoT in …

Google Development

Google helps developers bind C++ to Python

Fans of C++ praise its power and speed, but even they admit its complexity can be daunting. That’s true when you’re writing libraries in the language, and …

Google launches SDK for developers

Unfortunately, the conversation action made by Google for its assistant on the Google Home smart speaker didn’t work. To get started, you’ll probably want to open up …

Google’s Instant Apps is the feature you wish you had on your iPhone

by opting in within the Google setting, XDA Developers have discovered some language in the new Google Play Store APK indicating …

Google Allo update brings incognito mode in group chats, link preview and more on Android

When a web page link is sent in chat, users can see a preview of the site before opening it. Google Allo was …
–India Today

Microsoft Development

Build 2017: Here’s What I’ll Be Watching For at Microsoft’s Developer Conference

Next week, Microsoft will host its annual Build conference in Seattle where the company will lay out its plans for the …