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Apple Development

Apple Revokes Certificate Used By OSX/Dok Malware

Apple revoked a legitimate developer certificate used by hackers behind malware dubbed OSX/Dok, which was able to eavesdrop on secure HTTPS traffic of …

Dok OS X Malware Evades Gatekeeper Protection And Hijacks Apple Macs

And Dok’s coup de grâce? It’s signed with a valid Apple developer certificate. How do you like them apples? If someone ends up …

Azure Development

Managing Office 365 Licenses with the Azure AD V2 PowerShell Module

The use of the Graph API also means you can ignore the Azure AD module itself and write custom code to interact with the REST API to …

Optimization tips and tricks on Azure SQL Server for Machine Learning Services

It also simplifies the development and deployment of intelligent applications … short summary of how the above …

Google Development

Google Announces New Tools to Develop High-performance Daydream Apps

During the opening presentation at today’s Unity Vision Summit, Nathan Martz, Developer Platforms Product Manager at Google, took …

Google Assistant Is About To Be Everywhere

Over at the Google Developers blog, a pretty important announcement happened in the past few days. Google Assistant is ready to break out of its Google Home …

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin has a Secret Giant Airship

The founders of Google are similar to these onscreen titans in many respects … Alan Weston is the former director of programs at NASA Ames …
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Microsoft Development

5 Tips for Successful Azure App Development

He writes regularly about Windows Server, Microsoft Azure and IT security. There’s no better time to be developing applications for Azure, and increasing …

Microsoft to host Windows as a Service AMA chat

Apps have come and gone, and the Windows Store has been revamped at least once. Microsoft is supporting this continuous development with the Insider …
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Exam material for Microsoft Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Yes, as part of our SQL Server Certification Resources, we have tips and answers to FAQ about this certification. Who …

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