Daily Development Feed 20170428

IIS and ASP.NET Core Rewrite Rules for AspNetCoreModule
If you’re running ASP.NET Core under Windows with IIS, you’ll want to take advantage of letting IIS serve up your static content and handle your …
Microsoft Development
Dynamics 365 – How to install the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Toolkit
I would recommend getting the latest version of the Dynamics 365 SDK and regularly update the Developer toolkit because it …
Google Development
Google Assistant SDK released for third-party developers, allowing anyone to make AI-based smart gadgets
After introducing the Google Assistant exclusively on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones last …
Azure Development
A Beginner’s Guide on How Cloud Backup With Microsoft Azure Works
The Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform offers broad range of tools to deploy and manage applications. While designed primarily …
Microsoft Development
Microsoft Video: Get started developing apps with SQL Server 2017 running on Linux
In this short video we will walk you through everything you should know as a developer: the acquisition and …
Google Development
The Google Assistant SDK is now publicly available, allows developers to port Assistant to new devices
One of the reasons Amazon’s Alexa assistant has become so popular is because it can be integrated …
Android Police
Microsoft Development
Mastering Cloud Development using Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that supports many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks, including both …
Google Development
Google Assistant SDK developer preview arrives for gadget makers
Google has announced the launch of a Google Assistant SDK developer preview, opening the door for Google’s personal assistant to exist …
Google Development
Google introduces Solve for India program for budding entrepreneurs and developers
Google today announced a new program called — “Solve for India”. Befitting the name, the program is initiated to …
India Today
Extending Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core Applications
A few days ago, I was answering questions on Stack Overflow when I came across one that I thought might be relevant to share with others that might …
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