Daily Development Feed 20170427

Microsoft Development
Microsoft Aligns Windows and Office 365 Development Schedules
Microsoft dives into all the details on the Office changes here, and the changes to Windows here, so be sure to check it out if you’d like …
Google Development
Google’s Android O Boasts Promising Features For Mobile App Developers
Discover how to focus on operators for Reactive Programming and how they are essential to react to data in your application. …
Azure Development
Injecting Secrets: Kubernetes, HashiCorp Vault, and Aqua on Azure
This sets up Vault in its default development mode. At some point, I’d like to set up Vault properly so that it can store secrets in …
Enable Ignite UI for JavaScript Grid Features in ASP.NET MVC Applications
Ignite UI for JavaScript controls work seamlessly with ASP.NET MVC applications. Simply by using a few lines of code, you can …
Microsoft Development
Microsoft Video: Developing applications with SQL vNext (Linux), Entity Framework, DevOps and Azure
It’s the SQL Server as you already know it today, but it’s now native to Linux. It works with your …
Azure Development
Cloud Wars: Is 2017 the Year of the Cloud Land Grab? | @CloudExpo #AWS #Azure #Cloud
Kennedy once described as “the single greatest stimulus to national development ever enacted … to continue the …
Azure Development
Quali CloudShell 8.0 Release Announces Support for Microsoft Azure and OpenStack Cloud Platforms
Microsoft Azure is continuing to gain traction as a public cloud platform with a rich developer …
Azure Development
How to Choose Between Native and Hybrid App Development
Easily Accessible Development Resources: App development resources including … existing continuous delivery systems like SCM and MDM solutions …
Google Development
Google Opens Android To Rivals
Any developer that signs a “commercial agreement” with Google can be included. Yandex has been happy with the deal but still has complaints against Google related to …
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