Daily Development Feed 20170426

Master Chef (Part 4) ASP.NET Core MVC and Angular 2 Implement CRUD Single Page Application
Create, read, update and delete (as an acronym CRUD) are four basic functions of persistent storage. We need …
Microsoft Development
7 Killer Visual Studio 2017 Features for Mobile Developers
Image courtesy of Microsoft Anyone who has done any Android development can tell you that one of the big development pain points is the …
Apple Development
This app lets you completely disable Apple’s MacBook Pro Touch Bar
But sentiment around the component isn’t all positive. Apple developer Marco Arment and former Apple senior engineering manager …
Google Development
A second flying bum? Google boss Sergey Brin is secretly working on a giant airship
You wait ages for one Google founder to launch a crazy concept for the future … the centre’s hangars for its …
Azure Development
Microsoft Introduces New Azure Mobile Apps Quickstart Method
The decision put all of Azure’s mobile features under one software platform. At the time, the company said this would allow for more …
Microsoft Development
Microsoft .Net Core: Finally ready for prime time
It’s risky and often foolish to rush into a new software development framework, programming language, or technology platform too early in its …
Google Development
Build a Business Development Program By Doing Your Own PR
But we still don’t focus on a proactive business development plan. We say we don’t have time … You will show up on the first page of Google …
Microsoft Development
Microsoft Video: The app developer’s managed cloud database (overview)
See how to use relational Database-as-a-Service for your applications. See SQL Database for more information: …
Google Development
Google is expanding its AdSense hate-speech policy
who oversees the development and implementation of Google policies impacting publishers, told Recode. “We have decided that this is not in the …
Azure Development
Developing IoT Solutions with Azure IoT Hub
Ready to take your first steps in IoT device development? Bring your basic programming skills, and get started with this practical exploration of what IoT …
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